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Ghost Gear and Microplastics

The plastic pollution of our oceans is one of the biggest environmental issues of our time. If the trend of plastic pollution in the oceans continues as business as usual, by 2050 there might be more plastics in the oceans than fish. One of the biggest contributions to plastic pollution of the oceans are ghost nets that are floating through…

Aquaculture – A Solution to Ghost Gear?

First, let’s define what is aquaculture and what practices are being used. The practice of aquaculture, the controlled breeding, rearing and harvesting of marine organisms, is rapidly growing contrasting branch to commercial capture fisheries. Aquaculture has been practiced all over the globe for centuries. However, it was not until the 1980s, the tremendous decline in global fish stocks and the…


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Project Overview

The fisher's trash becomes our treasure. Fishing4Ghosts is a project dedicated to marine conservation, more specifically to counter marine pollution with fishing gear, so called “ghost gear pollution”. Ocean pollution with fishing gear is an often underestimated und underrated thread to marine wildlife on a global scale. Countless animals get entangled and die miserably in ghost gear each year. Fishing4Ghosts…

Ghost Gear Pollution

“Ghost-fishing” sounds spooky, right? 

Well, it is spooky indeed. Lost nets or other fishing devices float though our oceans and keep fishing, without ever being retrieved. The dead animals in the “ghost gear” attract predators that are likely to get entangled as well. A vicious circle, indeed. :/ 

Story and Founder

How it all began…! Christina organized and participated in countless coastal clean ups over the past 6 years in the south of Portugal while getting more and more aware (and worried!) about the plastic pollution of our ocean. As a marine scientist she also had a strong focus in marine litter in her research. In 2018, she attended the International…