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Can you imagine our products with your logo?

Isn’t it a great opportunity to express your action, concern and engagement for the ocean and sustainability to offer customized products that upgrade your brand…? Or do you own a shop that would be a good match to host Fishing4Ghosts?

Are you interested in ethical, sustainable, handmade bracelets, keychains or sunglass straps out of upcycled fishing gear, optionally with a logo of your choice on them!?

From 100 items onwards, we offer customized products with a logo your choice:

  • For companies
  • For NGO’s
  • For shops
  • For weddings
  • Retreats, Surf camps
  • Whale Watching Companies
  • (…….)

Feel free to contact us and we create an individual offer for your personalized gadgets!

The stainless-steel closures will be laser engraved which ensures great readability and longevity of the engravement (in comparison to the conventional diamond engraving). Nevertheless, the number of characters is limited and we need to check the feasibility for each logo beforehand.

Durable Design.The fishing gear we upcycle, is made out of Nylon, constructed for harsh conditions in the ocean and very durable. The customized closures are high quality stainless steel, non-corrosive. Therefore, we can ensure a long life of the products. To keep it short, all the properties of the fishing gear that are so devastating for our oceans (in case of loss), are really contributing to the quality standard of our products.

Contact us for more informations