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Bracelet Concha is made out of two turquoise fishing rope strings (upcycled from gillnets). The magnetic closure is engraved with our logo which shows a net with two fishes, as well as a ghost. Each bracelet is a beautiful reminder to respect our ocean and the need for action regarding ghost gear pollution.

Durable Design. The fishing gear we upcycle, is made out of Nylon, constructed for harsh conditions in the ocean and very durable. The customized closures are high quality stainless steel, non-corrosive. Therefore, we can ensure a long life of the products. To keep it short, all the properties of the fishing gear that are so devastating for our oceans (in case of loss), are really contributing to the quality standard of our products.


The stainless-steel closures are laser engraved which ensures great readability and longevity of the engravement (in comparison to the conventional diamond engraving).


Disclaimer: each product is unique and can vary slightly in color and shape since they are handmade out of upcycled materials.


Sizes of our bracelets: To find out the right size for yourself, just use a string you have at home, place it around your wrist and measure which size will fit!


XS (16 cm)

S (18 cm)

M (20 cm)

L (22 cm)

XL (23 cm)


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