Our goals for the future!

The vision of Fishing4Ghosts is a stronger and stronger focus on the reduction of ghost gear pollution. The more products we sell, the more good we can do!

Part of our vision are:

  • Workshops for fishermen and harbor authorities all over Portugal (best practices on-board)
  • Workshops for children in schools all over Portugal
  • Big-scale retrieval campaigns of ghost gear (underwater)
  • Invest in technologies that filter plastic and ghost gear out of harbor-environments
  • Actions to reinforce existing regulations on a European and National level

We are starting locally in southern Portugal with the vision to expand the project in many more countries! Anyways, the gear lost locally is likely to also reach international waters or disperse to other countries. Start locally act globally.

Within the project we already have countless product ideas and are always open for your ideas and wishes for products and events. Feel free to reach out!